14 Year Old Male with Acute Mt. Sickness

Monday, August 12th. 14-year-old male with reported acute mountain sickness. Iron Gate trail head incident base. Jack, Lauren, Aaron responded. 11miles in near Rio Mora. Blackhawk pulled him out. Flew to UNM, diverted from Christus.

Fallen Climber on Sandia Crest

July 13, 8:43 pm. Fallen climber on Sandia Crest Saturday 13th. Recovery on Sunday 14th. 9am. Needed help at IB. Clandestine Wall in the Sandias. Deceptively far from IB despite line of sight. 140ft fall on rappel. Suspect failed anchor. Body recovery. Sean was the only ASAR responder. Difficult approach. Raised from base of wall. Litter out from there.

Shiprock - Child Left Behind

June 28, 12:47 am. Infant in Shiprock. Maria responded. Reported a lost 3-year-old near Shiprock. Maria was the only member from ASAR and SFSAR responding. Mother, 2 kids went off roading at night. Drugs and alcohol were reported to be involved. Their truck became high centered, stuck. The three spent the night in the stuck truck. IN the morning, the mother decided to walk out at ~10am. The mother left kids with stranger when the children became tired from walking. Conflicting stories were reported from subjects.  3-month-old was found sunburned and dehydrated but otherwise ok.

Dad and Daughter Lost

June 23. Call out at 3:41pm. 62 yo man, and daughter (9) Lost in Pecos Wilderness near Wilderness Gate. Karl, John, Jack, and Rick. John was paired with SFSAR’s Mike Nimick as team 2. Communications were a nightmare. Karl used his large whip antenna and acted as a relay from Wilderness Gate. Team 2 made the find. “Classic” Nambe watershed mission. Group of three: Mom, Dad, and Daughter left from the ski area parking lot. Mom got tired at the Wilderness Gate and let Dad and Daughter go ahead. Dad and daughter went West to Aspen Peak.

Group of Swimmers Lost Returning from Nambe Falls

June 6, 2019 at midnight.  Call out for 9 cold/wet people near Rio en Medio hiking to the Nambe Falls to swim.  IB at Overlook. IC Richard Goldstein.  Aaron and Karl responded.  Subjects were hanging out at Aspen Ranch.  Warmed subjects up and between Aaron’s vehicle and SFSAR group – drove them out.  Total Hrs (17 including DO time).

Family Camping Stuck in Serious Weather

May 21 at 2:30 am. CDT North of Canjilon lakes. Extremely stormy and snow in SF, worse on the CDT. In-Reach call. Karl reports that the coordinates given were correct. Forest roads were drifted with dirt in between making vehicle travel very difficult or impossible. 2:30 am call out. Team departed with snowshoes, clothing, blankets, and the sked. Met Burt and Eric from SFSAR. No IB was communicated. Peter Dixon was the assigned IC. Karl got a flat tire at the ranger station.

Father and Son Separated

May 18th AT 7:12 AM. Jemez mission near San Antonio Hot Springs. Tony Gaier IC. Ben and Omar responded. Many ASAR members were at ESCAPE in Socorro. Incident Base was a the La Cueva VFD station on NM 106.

Pickoff of Male Subject

Final location of IB was near a cliff band at 0346161 x 4010296 (WGS84) at an elevation of about 8600 ft. IC was Richard Goldstein. Goldstein received a call at 0140, reporting a “climber stuck on the side of a mountain”. The RP had gone to the Coyote VFD and had gone with a VFD person to the site. They made voice contact with the subject, went to a point on the cliff edge above the subject, and found an anchored and loaded rope. They did not attempt to haul on the rope (which was not a climbing rope) for fear that it might break on a sharp rock.

Antler Hunter near Mora

Friday May 3rd, 43-year-old male, shed hunter near Mora. IB at Ojo Feliz on private property. Jake Hesch DO. Call out 9pm from Tony Gaier for operational period starting at 8am Saturday morning. Allison Chan was the only ASAR responder.  Allison arrived at IB Saturday morning just after 730am. She was assigned as support for a SFSAR responder and dog.  Someone, possibly a relative of the subject, said they had seen on Facebook that the subject returned Friday night. IB decided that was false information.

Hiker thought they were on a Loop

April 23, call out at 5:36 pm.  Ghost Ranch. Loren was DO. Aaron and Steve were going to go. Called off just after leaving gear room. Rick and Maria drove to Abiquiu but were turned around due to a found subject. Subjects thought Kitchen Mesa was a loop hike and continued along the trail. Called in via cell phone within sight of Ghost Ranch. The mission was ended before dark.