Solo Day Hike on Wheeler Peak

March 28 Thursday 5:55pm call out. 36 year old female from Florida was on a solo day hike to the Wheeler peak area. Departed from Williams creek trail head and attained the ridge between Mt. Walter and Wheeler Peak. She traveled West (towards Mt Walter, away from Wheeler) through soft snow using Kahtoola spikes. At some point she decided to descend what appeared to her as a ski run but was an avalanche chute know as Peace Sign Chute. She traveled several hundred yards down the chute, trigging small wet snow slides. Scared to descend or ascend she grabbed a tree and called 911.

Female Hiker stepped off trail to take Photo

March 18th. DO: Rick took initial call and transferred with Aimee so he could respond. IB at the Acoma/Zuni trail head in the El Malpais area. Female subject departed on day hike, stepped off the trail to take a picture, was unable to relocate the trail, and became lost.   Subject became lost on Sunday and was able to get a cell phone call out to the Park Service. Park Service sent two people out Sunday night and hiked for 12miles looking. 2nd operations period Monday, a slightly larger group of park service and local fire looked but didn’t find her.

22 year old male not prepared

March 13th 2:09 am page out. Karl Smith only ASAR responder. 5 am depart Santa Fe returning 10 pm for 17-hour door to door shift. IB at the Nogal, NM (near Carrizozo) post office. Two Santa Fe SAR teams turned around leaving Santa Fe due to blizzard road conditions and zero visibility. Subject was 22-year-old male. Strong hiker but not dressed for the weather.  Subject called and provided location. Difficult communications in the area but were eventually established via Megalink. District Manager: Tony Gallego. IC: Rick Overmier. Subject located and walked out.

74 year old hunter separated from son

October 16th 12:45 am. A 74 yr old hunter separated from son. Incident base is 2.75 hrs from Santa Fe at the Palomas trail east of Cuba. Rick responded. Drove up and ran into local fire and followed to IB. Very few Ground Pounders. Assigned to team with FBI agents. Took ATV 15 miles on forest roads. Walked several draws. Subject’s son and daughter and law worked for FBI. Lots of FBI agents there to assist with the mission. Subject walked out 10 miles. Located by Cuba High School track team. Subject tired and hypothermic but well. Stand down at 4:30 pm October 17th.

Trampas Lakes

Trampas Lakes

Trampas Lake campers (male/female) were injured by fallen tree. The female had pelvic and other serious injuries. The male had injuries hindering most mobility.  County Fire reached them first proceeding in a litter evac half way down the trail before SAR volunteers reached them and gave relief with carry out. Mission complete around 1:30 am with both subjects taking out by ambulence to nearest hospital.

Gila overdue hunter

Gila overdue hunter

overdue 60 y/o hunter w health issues

missing 22 y/o M & F Pecos/Lake Katherine

missing 22 y/o M & F Pecos/Lake Katherine

22 y/o female & 22 y/o male went for day hike to Lake Katherine yesterday (Saturday 15 SEP 2018), didn't make it back.

Subjects found soon after mission initiation.

Magdalena Man missing OP2-5

Search for 77 y/o male; went for a walk yesterday from his house and never returned home. OP #1 began morning of Thursday, September 13, OP 5 ended Sept 6 at 6 pm.  Mission suspended without a find.


Hiker lost on Windsor Trail

47 yo male hiker overdue in intermittent phone contact, cold and wet.

Hikers on Borrego Trail

Hikers overdue at Borrego trailhead, 1 male, 1female in their 20's.