Family Camping Stuck in Serious Weather

May 21 at 2:30 am. CDT North of Canjilon lakes. Extremely stormy and snow in SF, worse on the CDT. In-Reach call. Karl reports that the coordinates given were correct. Forest roads were drifted with dirt in between making vehicle travel very difficult or impossible. 2:30 am call out. Team departed with snowshoes, clothing, blankets, and the sked. Met Burt and Eric from SFSAR. No IB was communicated. Peter Dixon was the assigned IC. Karl got a flat tire at the ranger station. The subject’s wife happened to call the ranger station asking for a representative from SAR, so Karl took the call.  ATVs were sent to IB (which was established somewhere down the forest road) but everyone was at ranger station.  The ASAR team arrived at IB which was at first snow drift on the forest road. A second mission had started for someone stuck on that same road. ASAR deployed with the fire department on tracked ATVs. Passed a stuck Forest Service truck. Once the vehicles reached the forest edge, they could not pass many downed trees. ~2” of heavy packed snow. The Battalion chief from forest service guided team on foot. The subjects were in a clearing inside their tent. Winds were 40mph. They only had nuts and granola but were not eating. The uncle had started April 12th going north for a CDT thru hike. National guard tried to get in but couldn’t. All the subjects gear was wet. Gave clothing. Called NG. Had weather window. Landed. Got subjects but were weight limited so the SAR team was left behind. Rotor wash on departure was cold and windy. Warmed up and post holed on way out. Did not put on snowshoes. 5’ of snow in places. FS cleared road while out. 3 hours on foot. Debrief interagency. Forest Service stated they were happy they called since not all missions call the Forest Service. CDT trail crew gave great info on the route in. FS was, in fact, super useful. FS radio frequencies can be obtained if we ask. FS specific repeaters. Only 4 GPs, 2 IC.