Father and Son Separated

May 18th AT 7:12 AM. Jemez mission near San Antonio Hot Springs. Tony Gaier IC. Ben and Omar responded. Many ASAR members were at ESCAPE in Socorro. Incident Base was a the La Cueva VFD station on NM 106.

Father and son were out for a hike and got separated on return to their vehicle at 9pm the previous night. Ben and Omar were assigned to team 1 with two La Cueva members and the subject’s son. The son decided to search an area different than assigned so IC was notified that the party would be split. A third La Cueva member went with the son. Search from the LKP returning to their vehicle location. Father was located approx 6 miles away in the Valle Caldera National Preserve by good samaritans bicycling in the preserve. They also happened to be AMRC members.