Antler Hunter near Mora

Friday May 3rd, 43-year-old male, shed hunter near Mora. IB at Ojo Feliz on private property. Jake Hesch DO. Call out 9pm from Tony Gaier for operational period starting at 8am Saturday morning. Allison Chan was the only ASAR responder.  Allison arrived at IB Saturday morning just after 730am. She was assigned as support for a SFSAR responder and dog.  Someone, possibly a relative of the subject, said they had seen on Facebook that the subject returned Friday night. IB decided that was false information. The dog had no sent article, walked around for 1 hour until the dog was tired, and returned to IB. IB had called up Sothern teams and received a large turnout, ~15 cars. Allison then went out with members of Cibola SAR and conducted large line searches with 14+ people.  A Blackhawk and CAP planes were also used. There was some idea that the subject did not want to be found for some reason, including possible PTSD, and may be armed with knives. Line searches were called back. SFSAR found the guy on the road heading home after their assignment.  He had “popped out” onto the road and was transported to IB. Maria says she had heard the “dude was sketchy” and had seen searchers but did not attempt to contact them.Two search teams had been deployed on Friday. Subject had seen search teams Friday but did not try to make contact. Bill also received a call from Tony Gaier. There was some miscommunication about the DO phone but no delay to deploy teams. Erik notes that there was a mock mission mentioned in the newspaper article. No one on ASAR or SFSAR had been told of a mock mission that day. Perhaps we are being excluded or it was a Southern team only mock mission?